Fishermen Cabins

We have 2 cabins for rent in Skreda by Nappstraumen. Cabins with living room, kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedroom (s)(4-6 beds).National Tv package. All the cabins are is of very good standard. The cabins are located in Skreda. 5 km from the airport of Leknes, which is located in the middle of Lofoten Islands. Leknes is the largest commercial centre in the Lofoten Islands. Skreda has a very nice location, with quays belonging to the cabins/rorbuer. No reception, the cabins/rorbuer are privately owned). A short distance to both the innerside and the outer side of the Lofoten Islands, where the best fishing spots are.

Would you like to rent a rorbu/cabin in the Lofoten Islands, this is the right place for you

                     Weekly Price NOK 8000,-

                     Per Night NOK 1400,-

          Linen and leaching included in price

Email :

Mobile: +47 97525950